Our Manufacturers:

Anvil - SCI - Sharpe


Anvil/SCI: Domestic & Import Malleable, Cast, Ductile, Forged, Stainless & Brass Fittings. Seamless, Steel, & Brass Nipples. Stainless & Brass Pipe and Tubing. Pipe Hangers & Supports.
Sharpe: Stainless, Carbon Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, Monel and Brass Ball Valves, Stainless and Carbon Steel Fire Safe Valves, Gate, Globe and Check Valves and Control Valve packages.

Territories: CO, WY, MT, UT, ID, NM, IA, NE

Gruvlok Piping Systems

Grooved Piping Systems for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and HDPE. A Complete Line of Grooved Valves and Flow Control Products Used in Commercial, Industrial, Fire Protection, Mining, Oil & Gas and OEM Markets.

Territories: CO, WY, MT, UT, ID, NM, IA, NE

K-Flex Insulation Group

PE and rubber pipe insulation products, sheet and roll

Territories: CO, WY, MT, UT, ID, NM, EP

Titan Flow Control

Titan Flow Control is a high quality manufacturer of check valves, pipeline strainers, pump products, fabricated designs and pipeline accessories applicable to most industrial and commercial requirements.

Territories: CO, WY, MT, NM, EP, IA , NE

Tylok Fittings & Valves

Tube, pipe and weld fittings. CBC-Lok and CS-Lok fittings, ball valves, manifolds, quick connectors and needle valves.
Territories: CO, WY, MT, UT, ID, NM, EP, IA, NE